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How It Works: Commissions

Step 1: Pick a Size, Style and Medium (painting or drawing)

The most common sizes, styles and their prices are listed on the Pricing Page. Note that I am willing to try other styles, and I can quote for larger paintings upon request. Please head over to the pricing page for more info.

Step 2: Gather Reference Picture(s)

For pet portraits, send a picture or multiple pictures of your pet. If you cannot figure out what pose you like, I can guide you. Remember, The better reference picture you provide, the better the portrait will turn out. I can also repose the pet, add or eliminate objects. I can also add other pets to the painting/drawing for an extra fee of $30 per pet. 

For any other type of commission, gather any reference picture you may need (example: i want a tattoo that is similar to these pictures.)

Step 4: Production

Note: Once production begins, You cannot request drastic changes to the piece. The picture will take anywhere from 1-2 weeks to complete. Sometimes I send progress shots while you are waiting. In the case of an emergency, I will let you know immediately if there are any delays in the completion of your piece.

All drawings come with a basic frame. All paintings are coated with 2 layers of varnish for permanent lasting clarity. Note, sometimes paintings will emit the varnish odor if stored. It dissipates within a week of getting aired out!

Step 3: Set Up. Down Payment. Timeline & Sketch.

Contact me through email at with your name, reference images, desired style and size. You can also contact me on facebook (Bex Moss) For Pet Portraits:  Include a short description of the pet's personality (if available) and anything you want added (please keep in mind it may cost extra.) For other commissions send me a very detailed description of what you want the image to look like.

Please include your address for shipping. Also let me know if you live between Cleveland and Canton if you want to meet me for delivery. Lastly, let me know if this is a rush order. 

I will then reply with a rough sketch of your description, a full payment quote and timeline of when your painting will be done. We may email back and forth until the sketch is just right.We will also agree on a date to meet up or when your picture will be shipped. Then you can send the down payment to I MUST RECEIVE A DOWN PAYMENT BEFORE I CAN BEGIN.

Step 4: Delivery

Your picture is complete! It will be shipped or delivered when full payment is received. In some cases of delivery, I will accept the final payment in cash when we meet up.

Paypal Email:

Venmo Email:

Before commissioning any work, make sure you read my TERMS OF SERVICE. Thank you!

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