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Introducing Bubblegum Pets

I'm very excited to announce that I've officially launched my pet lover's retail apparel and merchandise! All of these products are print on demand items, all with fun designs depicting the antics of our pets. Check them out now at the Bubblegum Pets Page. 

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About This Project

Every artist has a dream.

I want to get a therapy dog, move to the countryside, help animal shelters and wildlife sanctuaries across the United States. The Bubblegum Pets project is designed strategically to do this, but I will need help from you! All it takes is for you to purchase any item, tell your friends about Bubblegum Pets, and enjoy my fun designs. Thank you so much, and I hope these fabulous designs bring you great joy. May all of our dreams come true- for the love of our pets!

Here are some examples of the great products I offer in my store. visit the official Bubblegum Pets Page to see all of the designs!

Business Consignment Opportunities

Are you a pet business (doggie daycare, pet spa, vet clinic, groomer, etc.) looking for some fun art to hang up in your store? I have some great opportunities for you- offering paintings to display in exchange for promoting Bubblegum Pets! I also can create custom pieces reflecting your business at wholesale price. Soon I will also be offering mugs, blankets, t-shirts, and more.

I'm always willing to listen to your ideas on collaboration if you are a pet influencer, shop owner, or animal activist. Let's work together!

Contact me at:

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