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GirLilly Commissions Terms of Service

Please make sure you read my terms of service before purchasing art or commissioning me. This way you know exactly what to expect! If you do not read through these and end up having an issue with your order, you'll be referred back to this page. 

Down Payment

A down payment of 50% is required via Paypal or Venmo to start your commission. This is non-refundable, as canvas and paint are expensive not to mention the time to set up and sketch the painting/ drawing. The ONLY time I can ever refund a payment is if I physically cannot do it due to an unforeseen event- but this has never happened. Cash is also acceptable if we meet at a pop-up/event. 


Being an on-demand service, I DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS. Please thoroughly look through my portfolio to ensure that my quality level and prices meet your needs. Prices can be found here. I only issue refunds if I cannot complete your piece, but this has never happened.


When it comes to how long it takes for a painting, it really depends on how busy I am, but we should always set a deadline. I'm one gal running 2 businesses, so I'm usually pretty busy. Christmas time is usually the busiest time for me. Paintings nowadays generally take about 3 weeks to a month. Sometimes I can have them done sooner. We will discuss this when ordering. I will say in the 10 years I've been doing this, I've never been late on any gift painting or missed a deadline that is set. If it were to happen, I would warn you and give you a discount (one of the only times I will allow discounts.)


I don't do discounts (except for the reason stated above). Please don't bother asking. If you are a non-profit, I may reach out to you if I have the time and resources to donate to your establishment. Art is a luxury service. Especially in these times, I simply cannot afford to charge any less for the hard work I provide.

Visual End Result

As far as the quality of my work goes, please look over my portfolios. I will never accept a commission I cannot provide the full extent of my talent on. That being said, you must expect the quality that equals that of my other paintings. If you do not chose or specify an exact pose from a reference photo, I use my artistic talent to create one based on the photos you send. If you are unhappy with the pose or composition I choose, I cannot "redo" the painting. By commissioning me you have given me the right to make professional, creative decisions that lead to the end result of the painting. Elements such as color also must be specified if you have something in mind. Colors also will never be an exact match but I will do my best to come close.


Prints and originals are not to be resold. Any attempt at this will be legally prosecuted. Any copying of my work is forbidden. If you order a tattoo design, you obviously have the write to take it to an artist and have it tattooed. However, the artist does not have the right to copy that tattoo. 

As far as the work I create, I will never accept a commission that requires me to recreate another artist's exact work. Inspiration is fine, but completely ripping off of something else goes against my moral compass and business ethics. If you want your pet in a certain universe (Marvel, Disney, Pokemon, etc.) this is ok as long as it is something creative and original. As for tattoo designs or other works of art, it has to be something creatively unique. I will not infringe any copyrights of other creatives or companies.

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