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The GirLilly Art Portfolio


As some of you know, I have a wide variety of different styles. I've organized some examples of my best work into 6 different sections. Feel free to check them all out! ​Most of my paintings are done in acrylics. I like working fast, so I don't really care for oils. I also love working with ink and pen, watercolors, and good old charcoals. My art almost always has an animal featured, but every once in a while I'll paint a landscape or more surreal piece. I also take great influence from the vivid dreams that I have- most of those pieces are very dear to me and can be found in my personal collection. Having a degree in computer science, I've also done a lot of digital art and even some animation. I've done live painting all over the northern parts of the country, mostly painting on stage as bands played their music. Other works include building large stage backdrops for festivals, making jigsaw cut-outs for art installations, and more!


Making up most of my commission work, it's always a joy to paint or draw pets for clients! I offer both traditional style, and the very fun pet caricatures.


Nature truly is my greatest inspiration. Here is a showcase of my favorite wildlife pieces I created from scratch. 


These pieces are my babies! I will probably keep this collection with me throughout my life. Enjoy my most personal works of art.


Here are some examples of digital works of art. These include digital paintings, logos, and designs I created for my art & clothing brand.


A miscellaneous collection of various artwork. A lot of these are larger stage backdrops and installations, where the pieces are cut out of different materials with a jigsaw.


I have nothing to hide. I love painting in front of people! Here's some pictures of events I've painted at. It's wonderful getting to paint with bands while they play their music.

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