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Commission Pricing


Limited Time Offer! Original Bubblegum Pet Portraits​

12" x 12"-  $150 (plus shipping)

E6012742-EB49-44BD-B4F6-353B38FA8937 2.JPG

You can find all of the Bubblegum Pets prints here!

Pet Portraits & Wildlife Art


If you want details on the process, please check out How It Works. Below you will find a table of the basic pricing for one pet or animal. For basic wildlife art and landscapes, follow this table as well.

Canvas Size
30"x 30"
30"x 40"
24"x 30"
18"x 24"
16"x 20"
12"x 12"
11"x 14"

Add Pet: + $40 per Extra Pet

Add Specific Background: + $60

Caricature: + $30

Poker Dogs Painting: Must be 3+ animals, sizes starting at 18"x 24", add $50. Please get quote for a discount on paintings with many pets or animals in them for this style.

-More than 2 pets: smallest size available is 16" x 20"

-DOWNPAYMENT REQUIRED before starting- half down

-All Canvases are gallery style (thicker canvas, 1.5 inches)

-Shipping not included

For ALL quotes email me at:

Now accepting Venmo Payments! Send to
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