Pet Portraits. Capture their spirit in Art.

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What would we do without our beloved animal friends? From fur, to feather, to scales- Our pets bring a special kind of love and joy to our lives. Nothing shows more appreciation than a custom piece of art that captures the spirit and soul of the animal. I offer a variety of different styles, including everything from realism to Caricatures. Whether its a picture of a current furry friend that you have, or one that has passed, pet portraits are a great conversation piece, wonderful home decor, and a sheer sign to guests that you truly love your pet!

     Below you will find  the guide on how to to order a portrait, and how the process works. You can send multiple reverences for better results, and high res photos work best. Multiple pets can be put in the same picture for an additional cost. This DOES NOT require you to provide a picture with both (or all) animals together- I can create a mock up for you!  

     Unlike other artists, I do not use projectors to create my art pieces. I refuse to trace pictures. What you receive is an original piece of art made with love and true talent! The pet's personality is very important to me. I like to capture elements of that description in every piece. Get your piece in as little as 2 weeks! (exceptions at Christmas time) 

Use your Imagination.

"I want a painting of my dog Beanie in a smoking jacket, holding a glass of wine and a cigar. Something like that."

Not a problem. Together we will come up with a sketch of something that you like. Once you approve the sketch, I bring the idea to life!


Pet Caricatures

Have you ever wanted to create an image of your pet in your favorite universe? Let's bring that dream to reality! From a Maltese becoming Falcor from Never-ending story- to a Mae West Pug. Together we can come up with a conversation piece that will never seize to entertain! Currently caricatures follow the same price structure as normal portraits, so just follow the price and style guide.

Rest in Peace. Great Gifts for Coping.

I can't tell you how many times I've shared tears with clients as I've dropped off art pieces of their pets who have passed on to the great beyond. Portraits make great gifts for those grieving the loss of a furry family member.

For more examples, click on the link below.