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Art by Bex Moss

Hello and welcome to my online portfolio! My name is Bekah (Bex) Moss, and I'm a professional artist who specializes in pet and wildlife artwork. Here you can find a large showcase of my best work. I work in several different mediums: Acrylic, ink and pen, watercolor, charcoal, digital, mixed media, and some woodwork. I love any artistic challenge and I'm not afraid to try new things!

I've recently started my own clothing line and retail store for pet lovers, called Bubblegum Pets. Please check out the link if you would like to support that project. All funds go towards my dream of getting a therapy dog.

Aside from art, I am very much into animation and video games. My dream job was to become a creative director for a small video game company, but things just didn't seem to pan out that way. I also love hiking and being in nature. Birding and exploring the woods are routine interests of mine. I also love writing and studying music, but that is more of a hobby. Lastly, dogs and animals are really my favorite to be around. I love studying animal behavior and watching their antics. Growing up out in the country around animals all of my life has made me very comfortable around them- usually more than people.

I just moved from Cleveland, OH to Raleigh, NC. I'm really excited to get into the art scene and make new friends! I'm looking for all opportunities to become part of this wonderful art community here, so contact me if you are interested in collaborating or supporting my work. Thank you! <3 



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